What is the Recommended Strategy for Ranking During Seasonal Changes?

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What is the Recommended Strategy for Ranking During Seasonal Changes?

For very competitive keywords such as “iPhone case or “Bluetooth earphone,” the seasonality of sales can affect the ranking process.

Low Season: January to March

High Season (not 100% for all categories): Typically, during major marketplace or country promotions such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holidays like Christmas and New Year, as well as Amazon Prime Day, which usually takes place in September to December.

High Season Depends on the Category

  1. For summer-related products such as hiking gear, camping equipment, and outdoor items, the high season is typically June to August.
  2. For winter products such as boots and gloves, the high season is usually during the winter months.

Typical Seasons: Any period outside of the low and high seasons. The exact peak season for a category may differ. For instance, items related to summer activities like camping gear and outdoor equipment tend to sell well between June and August. Conversely, winter items like boots and gloves see a surge in demand during winter months.


Ranking During Seasonal Changes

It is advisable to rank your products during the low season before the high season to improve your ranking position. Ranking during the low season helps to minimize costs and improve your chances of ranking faster with less Rank juice. On the other hand, ranking during the high season can be more challenging due to increased competition from larger sellers who may be offering promotions or discounts.

Although it’s still possible to rank, the Rank Juice to be used would likely be higher.

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Updated on February 12, 2023

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