Why Isn’t My Keyword Ranking on Page 1?

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Why Isn’t My Keyword Ranking on Page 1?

Option 1: To increase the visibility of seasonal products, it is recommended to maintain a daily sales volume of at least 10 units. In cases where this threshold is not met, supplementary organic purchases of 5 units per day can be utilized to boost rankings. This strategy should be implemented for a period of 7 days, with an initial trial period of 3 days to evaluate the effectiveness of the approach.

Once the product reaches page 1 of search results, an additional 2 days of organic purchases may be implemented to solidify the listing. While enabling pay-per-click advertising can also be employed to drive organic sales, it is important to note that consistent, daily organic purchases are necessary for optimal results. Interruptions in the daily purchase pattern, such as a purchase on day one followed by no purchases on day two, will negate the intended effects.

Option 2: Increase the Rank Juice by adding minimum of 1000-2000 Rank Juice for each keyword.

Option 3: Incorporating 2-3 long-tail keywords in Rank Keywords similar to your main focus keyword. These keywords should be strategically selected and targeted, with a focus on adding minimum of 1000-2000 Rank Juice for each keyword.

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Updated on January 25, 2023

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