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Apollo - Keyword Ranking FAQ

  • My Keyword is Stuck on Page 2+

    Option 1: Regarding seasonal products, if you do not have daily sales of 10 then you should do organic purchases of 5 everyday. Usually for 7 days, you can do it for 3 days and see if the ranking goes up. When it goes to page 1 , add two more days of forced organic purchases and then you can stop buying the organic purchases to stabilize the listing.

    You can rely on PPC to get your organic sales however you want 100% organic purchases on that day. Its a bit slow. You need a confirmed purchase of 5 each Day straight To have effect. If you have one order on day one then day two no orders. Defeats the purpose

    Option 2: Another option is to increase Rank Juice, add 2-3 small long tail keywords and rank those keywords up using each around 1000-2000 Rank Juice